Kleresca® optræder hyppigt i medier over hele verden – se et udvalg af artikler og læs de personlige anbefalinger fra patienter

"How I Cleared Up My Hormonal Acne In 6 Weeks"

"Adult acne sucks, but it can be sorted! 
I had three words: Sign. Me. Up."

Bloggen Whimn i Australien har anmeldt Kleresca® Acne Treatment.

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"I Tried The Latest Treatment And It Finally Cured My Hormonal Acne"

"Veronique King was like any teenager, with the odd pimple, so it seemed unfair that she developed severe acne as an adult" whim | With Her in Mind

"An acne treatment that really works"

"If you’re finding that countless medications and creams aren’t getting you anywhere, Kleresca® could be your new go-to" South Australian Style Magazine

"Light treatment is the new way dermatologists are treating acne patients"

"For years Natalie dealt with severe cystic acne and says it ruined her confidence and self esteem, until she tried a new light treatment that’s hit the market"

"Perfect neck, aesthetic medicine new techniques"

"Especially through the stimulation of collagen, they improve the appearance of the neck, at any age" Vogue Italien

"Skin forever young? Here is the treatment to keep it healthy and compact"

"Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation, the revolutionary biophotonic treatment able to regenerate the skin in a comfortable and non-invasive way, now available at professional clinics certified in Italy" Vanity Fair Italien

"Glowing treatment: skin rejuvenation with Kleresca®"

"The Kleresca treatment is super enjoyable! No needles, no syringes, no rumpling, just a neon-colored gel and LED light" My Gloss blog, Schweiz

New acne product makes bad skin "disappear"
"An estimated one and a half million Australians suffer from acne, and now a manufacturer claims to help nine out of 10 patients."

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